Mountain Biking in Los Barriles

Probably one of the most surprising activities available in the area for most new visitors are the miles of world class mountain biking trails in the hills above the Los Barriles area. Word is getting out quickly about this secret gem as these days you will see a lot of top end mountain and e-bikes cruising around the area all throughout the year. The trail system can be accessed from the south near Buenavista or right out of Los Barriles.

If you don’t have your bike with you, bike rentals are available at East Cape Bicicletas in town or through VelaBaja who also offers guided ride packages.

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Scuba Diving – Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park

Scuba diving is always so much fun! Swimming with beautiful fish in a clean water is a fantastic chance to explore the underwater life. Cabo Pulmo National Marine park is less than an hour’s drive to the south from Spa Buenavista / Los Barriles. The park is home to one of only 3 coral reefs in the North America. The reef is estimated to be thousands of years old. After being overfished several decades ago, the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park was established to revitalize the marine life in the area. Marine life has since made an unbelievable comeback and the park is now teaming some 875 marine species including 226 species of reef fishes, 154 of marine invertebrates, 5 species of sea turtles, 3 species of dolphins, 3 species of whales, schools of mobula rays, whale and hammerhead sharks, and a colony of sea lions.

There are many dive shops working in the area these days and trips can be booked online.

Coral Reef at Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park
Thousands of fish coming together during reproduction courtship. In the afternoon, these fish form a massive spawning aggregation around the reefs of the National Park. The diver in the image is David Castro, a local divemaster of Cabo Pulmo who has been working together with his family, in the protection of the Park that has been close to any fishing activities for the last 17 years. This no-take marine reserve has allowed the recovery of many species and the historical abundance of predatory fish such as Bigeye travellies.
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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

It can be challenging to stay healthy while on vacation. You’re likely adjusting to a new time zone and eating several meals out.

Here are a few tips to make it easier: stay hydrated, choose water over alcoholic drinks, pack your own quality snacks and eat often (to avoid expensive shops and not eat poorly), stretch, eat well, walk or bike more often, eat vitamins, take a good sleep and stay active for a long time.

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An Exiting Journey through our Traditional Cuisine

Get a ‘native cuisine’ package at the discounted price and savor traditional Mediterranean cuisine at any time of the day. Your lunch, dinner and breakfast will be complemented by wonderful views from the chick restaurant at our hotel.

Overlooking the Aegean Sea coastline and the grand beautiful lighthouse – the restaurant celebrates local seafood with a menu of fresh fish, handpicked daily by Executive Chef Andris Vidales, who visits the local seaside fish markets himself.

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Celebrate Your Birthday with the Beach Tent Dining!

A special offer for those who want to celebrate a birthday at the beach at Palmeria – if you love the sound of the sea and the live music and dining outdoors – get a chance to have a tent outdoor celebration! If it’s your birthday, you’ll get the the package halfly discounted!

Step onto the warm shore of the Aegean Sea for a traditional tend dining and get a bit of exotic experience by tasting authentic Egyptian dishes, balanced with fresh and flavorful cuisine of Greece.

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September in Palmeria Hotel

Why September? Because this is a great time with a soft weather and lots of new activities. Moreover, we decrease our rates for rooms in the hotel for September, so you can enjoy the place and the price!

Enjoy the extra time learning things you never knew about your favorite beach! We think you’ll agree the cultural offerings are impressive and intriguing. Not sure where to start? Contact our team and we will direct you!

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